Response to Sweden´s report to CEDAW

InternationalRFSLPhoto: Rebecka Rehn

RFSL, RFSU and the Swedish Disability Federation has written a joint submission regarding the Swedish response to CEDAW, combined eight and ninth periodic review of Sweden. Issues on SRHR, LGBTQ and disability are the main focus through the report

CEDAW, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, has asked Sweden to respond to their questions regarding discrimination against women. RFSL, RFSU and the Swedish Disability Federation have responded and given our own recommendations.

The responses cover different topics that relates to the convention as access to justice available to women, marriage, sex work, domestic violence, health and access to SRHR, (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights), education, LGBTQ, trans, disability, prejudice and norms.

Among the twenty recommendations in the report, four of them are:

  • National efforts towards gender equality should also include transgender people, as for guaranteeing equality and non-discrimination for all women (Recommendation 1).
  • More studies need to be conducted about the intersection of sex, disability, ethnic background and its effect on supposed legitimacy of a testimony (Recommendation 2).
  • There is a need for investigation and research on domestic violence specifically experienced by people with disabilities and LGBTQ people, which does not exist presently (Recommendation 12).
  • Medical professionals should be further trained in how to inform Roma women and girls about SRHR. Sweden needs to take measures to ensure that not only Roma women and girls but also migrant and refugee women and girls have access to SRHR (Recommendation 18).

Read the full report Response to Sweden´s report to CEDAW (PDF, opens in new window)