Rainbow Fundraising Western Balkans


Rainbow Fundraising offers LGBTIQ organisations in the Western Balkans a comprehensive training package on resource development and mobilisation. Drawing on our long-term experience of trainings for key people in the global movement for LGBTIQ rights, RFSL has developed a unique curriculum aimed at enhancing organisations’ ability to make the most of existing resources and to gain more.

Dates: October 14th-20th, 2017
Location: Tetovo, Macedonia.

Who can apply?

The training is offered to people active in LGBTQ organisations in the following countries in the Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Romania.
Application deadline: 23rd of July 2017.

About the training

Rainbow Fundraising is a seven day training in fundraising and resource development for LGBTQ organisations in the Western Balkans. This training offers opportunities for LGBTIQ organisations to learn about different fundraising strategies, share best-practices, as well as to receive feedback on concrete proposals or fundraising activities from leading experts in the field.

The theme of the training sprung from a recent Needs Assessment Survey conducted by RFSL to understand the priorities of the LGBTQ activists in the Western Balkans.

The struggle to create a better world where people can enjoy their full human rights regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression is not driven by economic or material interests, nor is it necessarily completely dependent on them, but a cornerstone for sustainable activism is predictable and stable support from allies and donors.

In a world with sometimes rapid changes in what funding opportunities are available, LGBTQ organisations find themselves vulnerable to shifts in the NGO/donor landscape and geopolitical developments out of their control. Developing strategies to handle this vulnerability is a key factor to sustaining an organisation.

Training content

The overall objective for Rainbow Academy’s trainings is to contribute to strong and organised LGBTQ communities. For this training, the specific objective is that participating organisations upon completing the training will have gained skills and knowledge to increase their sources of funding as well as engaging in new co-operations and activities.

The curriculum includes:

  • Put the fun in fundraising – creative ways to access new groups of donors and funds
  • Opportunity mapping – identifying the donors accessible to you and the best ways to approach their funds
  • In the head of a donor – How to improve efficiency in communication with donors
  • Proposal design and writing for sustainable projects and programs
  • “Attachment free” activism vs. donor dependency

Application criteria

You are eligible for participation if you meet the following criteria:

  • Work in one of the above mentioned countries
  • Have the role of a program manager/ leader/ fundraiser in an LGBTQ-organisation
  • Intend to apply the skills obtained during the training within an LGBTQ-organisation

In the application form, you are asked to describe yourself and why you are interested in participating in the training and how you want to use the skills and knowledge gained.

Selection process

During the selection process, the Rainbow Academy selection committee will take the following criteria into account:

  • The quality of the application.
  • Position in the LGBTQ organisation; the applicant should be in a position which enables them to apply the knowledge and skills obtained during the training.
  • Promoting representation of the full diversity of LGBTQ people.
  • RFSL’s partner organisations may be prioritised in the selection process.
  • Participants who can describe how their participation in the training can enhance their work in their own communities and those who are able to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.

Practical information

RFSL is very happy to organise the training together with local host in Tetovo, Macedonia, the LGBT-organisation LGBT United Tetovo.

All expenses, including tuition fee, international travel, insurance, costs for visa, food and lodging are covered by the scholarship, at no cost for participants. Costs that must be covered by each participant are: domestic travel in your country to get to and from the international airport where you depart for Macedonia.

For questions about the training, please contact: rainbow.academy@rfsl.se

Rainbow Fundraising – a part of Rainbow Academy

Fundraising Training forms part of Rainbow Academy – RFSL’s platform for international trainings. Rainbow Academy offers a variety of customised trainings to specific target groups, selected groups of leaders and other instrumental individuals within the global LGBTQ movement.