Test reminder from RFSL

HIVRFSLPhoto: @Westend61

For you who are a man who have sex with other men, and you who are trans identified, we offer the test reminder. It’s a service sending a text message to remind you to go for an HIV and STI test regularly. You can choose to get the text message every three, six or twelve months, depending on your needs.

The service is free and anonymous. We will not use your phone number for anything else.

How do I register?

You text THREE, SIX or TWELVE to 71111

How do I unregister?

You text RFSLSTOPP to 71111

How do I unregister?

To find testing sevices in the whole of Europe: www.aidsmap.com/euhivtest

In Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Örebro, RFSL offers rapid HIV testing: www.rfsl.se/hivtest

All youth clinics in Sweden are listed at www.umo.se


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