Parent preparation groups online

We are now testing a new form of parent preparation groups for LGBTQI people who are expecting a child, with online meetings! New groups will be started in the beginning of 2020. Welcome to submit your interest.

Group led by midwife

The groups are organised by RFSL, the Swedish federation for LGBTQI people’s rights, and are led by midwives who work in the parent supporting project Rainbow families in waiting. Most groups will be held in swedish but in the beginning of 2020 we will start an english speaking group, if enough people submit their interest.

With this group we give LGBTQI people the opportunity to share experiences and discuss questions, thoughts and feelings about expecting a child.

The group is a complement to other parental education offered by prenatal care and offer LGBTQI people, regardless of location, to partake in a group for rainbow families.

All meetings are online, via video, in a digital meeting space.

The group meets three times before the child is born, and one time after all all of the participants’ children have been born. The idea is that all participants partake in all four meetings. In order to partake you need access to a computer with internet access.

Submit your interest

New groups are starting during the spring 2020. If you’re interested in the english speaking group and are expecting a child during spring or early summer 2020, submit your interest so that a group can be started.

Notice of interest is sent to Tell us who you are, where you live, when your child is expected and let us know your family situation.

The dates are set when a sufficient amount of people have submitted their notice of interest and are also based on when the children are due. The three first meetings are held with two weeks in between.

The first group 2020 is expected to start in January. Exact dates for the meetings will be published shortly, but it will be on Wednesdays between 18.00-19.30.

Contents of the meetings

The meetings will sometimes be about how we are affected by society’s preconceptions regarding family, and how we can handle society’s norms about becoming a parent. Other subjects that can be addressed in these meetings are for example what it feels like for you to become a parent and what your road towards parenthood has looked like. All experiences, questions and thoughts about the coming parenthood and the child/children are welcomed, and there will be an opportunity to adjust the contents after the participants’ needs. The set-up of the meetings is produced in collaboration with the prenatal unit Mama Mia Söder which has an extensive experience in conducting parent groups for LGBTQI people.

We welcome both you who are having your first child, and you who already are a parent but is expecting a new child.

It doesn’t matter in what way you’re expecting or in what constellation as long as you identify as LGBTQI. If you are more than one expecting parents, one of you needs to identify as LGBTQI. The midwives who lead the meetings are LGBTQI competent and can answer questions around pregnancy, delivery and parenthood, and can refer you to other relevant instances in healthcare and family law.

We hope to provide you with a safe and non-heteronormative context with the opportunity to form contacts that can continue after the group ends.

Personal information

There will be no records from the group sessions, and your participation is confidential. Your personal information, for example e-mail address or your name, is saved during the course of the group and are thereafter deleted. Read more about how RFSL handles personal information in keeping with the data protection regulation GDPR.