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RFSL regularly writes opinion articles for different types of media; alone or with cooperating partners. Here you find the most recently published pieces.

Everyone is entitled to treatment for their gender dysphoria

In the television show Uppdrag Granskning's follow-up of the criticized episode "Tranståget och tonårsflickorna" (the trans train and the teenage girls), information about fewer referrals to gender dysphoria assessment teams for adolescents is highlighted as something positive. In our experience, raised thresholds for accessing care can lead to great mental suffering in these patients.

Corona tests our compassion

We have already seen the evidence of humanity’s ability for compassion in difficult times. Now we need to join forces to protect the most vulnerable groups in society.

We need to join the coalition

The parliamentary investigation committee on the Swedish migration policy has been allotted too little time. That, combined with political pressure, risks jeopardizing the legal certainty of…