World Aids Day 2016

December 1st is World Aids Day. Today almost everybody who lives with HIV in Sweden has a well functioning treatment. In spite of this, prejudice and ignorance continue to do harm. Don't let this go on. Having knowledge about HIV is everybody's responsibility.

Yours, Mine and Everybody’s Responsibility

For most people who live with HIV in Sweden today, the prejudice and ignorance in the community is a bigger problem than the virus itself. By everybody learning more about HIV, how it’s transmitted and what it means to live with HIV, we can stop the prejudice and make life better for all of us. 

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Sweden is the first country that has reached the UN’s 90-90-90-goal. That means that at least 90 percent of those who know that they have HIV are getting treatment and that at least 90 percent of those getting treatment have such a well functioning treatment that the viral load is undetectable. This is called non-infectious HIV, and in Sweden today 95 percent of everybody who knows they’re living with HIV have non-infectious HIV. 

What can I do?

When you help spread knowledge about HIV you are helping yourself and everybody who lives with HIV. You can do a lot: 

  • Spread information about World Aids Day in social media.
  • Participate when World Aids Day is being noticed near you.
  • Spread the knowledge of non-infectious HIV in social media. Mention for example and use #smittfri
  • Talk to your friends and loved ones about HIV.
  • Get tested for HIV on a regular basis if you don’t know your HIV status. 

More information

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