Other Organisations and Support Networks

Here is a list of useful links to other organisations, networks, and websites that support LGBTQ and/or asylum issues. Also included are sites where things are donated, groups that arrange activities in Stockholm, and organisations offering spiritual guidance for LGBTQ people.


Amnesty International Sweden
Amnesty works in several ways with refugees and migrants.
Telephone: 0771 – 266 37 89
E-mail: info@amnesty.se


A site where things are donated.


FARR, Flyktinggruppernas & Asylkommittéernas riksråd
In FARR’s information leaflet, Good Advice for Asylum Seekers in Sweden, you can find useful facts and advice. Information is available in Swedish, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, and English.
Telephone: 023-132 45 or 0225-147 77


Gratis i Stockholm
Free events in Stockholm.


IMäI, Ingen människa är illegal (No human being is illegal)
Network that supports people who have been forced into hiding after having their asylum application refused.
Telephone: 076 155 27 34
E-mail: stockholm@ingenillegal.org


KIM – Kön, identitet och mångfald (Gender, identity and versatility)
Organisation for trans people, their families and others who are interested. Organises social gatherings.
E-mail: foreningenkim@gmail.com
Facebook page


Läkare i Världen (Doctors in the World)
International, humanitarian organisation that works for equal rights to healthcare. Provides emergency care to people who risk dying in war, disasters and epidemics, or as a result of the Swedish law and has a clinic for people without documents in Sweden.
Telephone: 070 816 21 61
Email: info@lakareivarlden.se


Ny i Stockholm (New in Stockholm)
A guide for newly arrived people who live in Stockholm and want information about Swedish society, how to find work and a place to live, what education is offered, and where you can get further information. You can also find tips about activities in Stockholm.
Telephone: 08-508 35 443
E-mail: infosam@stockholm.se


Red Cross
The world’s leading disaster response organisation that works for humane refugee reception and better conditions for integration. Based in Stockholm.
Telephone: 070 940 67 23 or 08-615 87 74
E-mail: info@redcross.se


Regnbågsmässan (The Rainbow Mass)
The Swedish Church’s service and work for LGBTQ rights is based in St Johannes’ Church in Stockholm.
Telephone: 08-508 88 650
E-mail: info@regnbagsmassan.nu or malin.strindberg@svenskakyrkan.se


Contact Newcomers

Phone: +46 (0)73 509 17 27
E-mail: newcomers@rfsl.se