Many who come in contact with Newcomers need help with everything from legal counselling to getting their basic needs satisfied, like food. Your donation makes a difference!

LGBTQ people are sometimes forced to flee because of persecution from authorities, the environment or the family. At the same time it’s getting harder to get asylum in Sweden and many LGBTQ refugees that are refused asylum, in spite of documented need for protection, are forced to hide to escape deportation.

The refusals are sometimes motivated by the Migration Agency and the Migration Court stating that you can live hidden in your native country without anyone having to know about your sexual orientation or gender identity. This contravenes Swedish legislation and is not a reasonable alternative! Nobody should have to hide their identity or be forced to live under threat and in fear of what would happen if it became known. Many of those who are deported disappear, are tortured, imprisoned or killed. 

The need is immense and you can show your support!

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RFSL works for LGBTQ people, but everybody who wants to support LGBTQ people’s rights are of course welcome! Some arguments for becoming a member of RFSL:

  • As a member you take a stand for LGBTQ people’s rights.
  • As a member you are supporting an LGBTQ political actor locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Every member means a stronger voice and better muscles for RFSL in making a difference.
  • As a member you are updated in LGBTQ issues.
  • RFSL meets great resistance from homophobe, transphobe and biphobe forces in Sweden and the world and needs more friends that take a stand.
  • You can influence RFSL.

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