The Asylum Podcast, episode 4

The Asylum PodcastRFSL

In the asylum podcast, we meet LGBTQI people who have come to Sweden to seek asylum. Listen to their stories about life before coming to Sweden and their experiences as asylum seekers in Sweden.

4. Meeting with the authorities – the Swedish Migration Agency

In this episode, we talk about the application process at the Migration Agency and the importance of having a public counsel. As an LGBTQI asylum seeker, you will be asked to provide information that proves that you belong to the LGBTQI community or that you are perceived to belong to it. Typically, you will be expected to have experienced an inner process leading up to the acceptance of your LGBTQI identity. This approach is deeply problematic since it presupposes that all LGBTQI people share a universal experience of an emotional process with a clear beginning and end.

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Producer: Mireya Echeverria Quezada

Year: 2020