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RFSL has worked for LGBT human rights since 1950. We can proudly look back on an eventful history, but also look ahead, there is much left to do. By being a member you contribute to changing the world for the better for LGBT people. Together we can be proud of the changes we make!  
  • You take a stand for LGBT human rights.
  • You give RFSL a stronger voice locally, nationally and internationally.
  • You get a safe community and become part of an important movement.
  • As a member you can get involved in your local branch.
Become a Rainbow hero

As a Rainbow hero you contribute money every month and support human rights in Sweden and all over the world.


With a donation you support our work, including asylum, international issues and young people.


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Swisha in valfritt bidrag till 123 900 40 86.

Sätt in pengar direkt på BG/PG 900408-6

SMS:a ett bidrag till nummer 72 980.
- Bli månadsgivare genom att skicka RFSL Månad (50 SEK) eller RFSL Månad100 (100 SEK)
- Ge en fristående gåva genom att skicka SMS RFSL 20/50/100/150/200.

Please spread the word about how you can contribute to strengthening LGBT rights. Share the url of this page or any of our projects. Please use the hashtag #pridehjälte.

Do you have a blog? We would be happy if you wanted to write a blog post about the fundraising foundation RFSL and our projects. Maybe there is a project that you feel is extra important. Please link to insamlingsstiftelsen.se and notify us so that we can celebrate your blog post on the site.


You give LGBT people the possibility to change


You give social and legal support to new arrivals.

Emergency Fund

You will ensure rapid response in emergency situations.