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A project for LGBTQ people with a norm-breaking functionality’s rights. Funkisprojektet was run 2014-2017 by RFSL and RFSL Stockholm with support from Arvsfonden.

The project became a new cross-border platform where RFSL, functional disability organisations, LSS-staff and people who live in group homes and/or work in daily activities could meet. (LSS stands for the Law Regulating Support and Service to Persons with Certain Functional Disabilities.)

Funkisprojektet wanted to provide more meeting spaces around Sweden for LGBTQ people who live in a group homes, service homes or work in daily activities. Funkisprojektet also wanted to enable people who live in group homes and/or work in daily activities to start conversation groups that focused on LGBTQ issues and norms. There’s a huge need for space and for being able to claim space and talk about one’s experiences and learn about one’s and other people’s rights.

The project has also produced norm-critical training programs and work procedures. Staff working for LSS organisations and in functional disability organisations participated in trainings during 2015-2017.

At the same time, RFSL worked internally with competence raising in functionality issues and accessibility, and still strives to become a more accessible organisation.

Many parts of the Funkisprojektet’s work continues within RFSL:

  • There’s now an accessibility policy
  • Funkisprojektet’s trainings can be ordered from RFSL’s education unit,
  • Funkisprojektet’s method material can be found below and can be ordered in a printed format through
  • Hbtq-hänget (meeting spaces for LGBTQ people who live in group homes and/or work with daily activities) is running in both RFSL Stockholm and RFSL Gävleborg. All of RFSL’s branches can get support from RFSL’s national office in starting Hbtq-hänget .
  • Since 2018, RFSL has a national functionality network for members. Contact for more information.

Funkisprojektet’s end conference in May 2017 was filmed and can be seen at RFSL’s youtube channel . The films have Swedish subtitles and are sign language interpreted.

Funkisprojektet’s publications

Since 2018 RFSL Stockholm runs the project “Jag är berättaren” (opens in a new window).