“En blommande Priderörelse”


During the last two years the Pride movement in Sweden has had an extra injection – and the result is a thriving movement from the north to the south.

RFSL has, with the support of Postkodlotteriets Kulturstiftelse, run the project En blommande Priderörelse. The goal has been to strengthen Pride organisations across the country through knowledge, support and networks.

During 2016 eight Pride organisations were chosen for a targeted financial support. The project has also helped the organisations work with norm criticism, targeting young people or cooperating with actors at their location.

– It’s been so cool to be able to help and support Pride organisations in building a stronger movement, says Kajsa Robin, project leader En blommande Priderörelse. The venture has both strengthened the big festivals and supported the smaller actors in working with marketing and attracting visitors.

Download the full report below.

RFSL Yearly Report 2016 (pdf, 3,1 mb, will open in a new window)