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The Fundraising Foundation supports asylum- and refugee support, international projects in Uganda and Indonesia, a national project for youth and an emergency fund.

Asylum- and refugee support and the campaign JAG ÄR FRI

During 2015 we focus on the LGBTQ refugees’ situation. Every crown that we can fundraise is important in order for us to support them in the asylum process. Getting the right legal support, support in finding accommodation and having a social context can be life changing. Listen to the stories of asylum seekers at jagärfri.nu.

Every year people who have been forced to flee their native countries because they are LGBTQ come to Sweden. Many of those who seek asylum or come to Sweden in a different way need different kinds of support and help. RFSL works together with legal practitioners to make sure that asylum seekers get better opportunities to get their cases judged according to the rule of law and that they thereby are able to stay in Sweden.

In many places in the country we also run RFSL Newcomers to help newly arrived find friends and get a broader social network where they live.

Thanks to your support we can arrange asylum counseling, fund travels within the country, run meeting spaces and in other ways support newly arrived LGBTQ people in Sweden.


The LGBTQ movement in Indonesia is constantly under threat from fundamentalist groups. With the authorities’ silent approval members of these groups have attacked conferences and peaceful manifestations that have wanted to highlight LGBTQ people’s human rights. In some areas punishments have been imposed for same sex acts. Violence has also been directed mainly at trans people by private individuals, in the past years several murders of trans people who make their living through sex work have happened. The main purpose of RFSL’s cooperation with the LGBTQ movement in Indonesia is to, in time, decrease the violence that LGBTQ people are subject to.

The cooperation project in Indonesia includes three different LGBTQ organisations in Indonesia that have their national office in different parts of the country.


Newcomers is RFSL’s network for asylum seeking, undocumented and newly arrived LGBTQ people.

Here you have the opportunity to meet new friends and get to know the Swedish LGBTQ world.

Among the activities that Newcomers offer are:
– training in the Swedish language
– tips about jobs and accommodation
– information about healthcare
– information about Swedish authorities and institutions

Newcomers also raises awareness about the situation of asylum seekers and undocumented individuals by gathering and spreading stories from people with their own experiences. During Stockholm Pride Newcomers arranges “Asylforum” to raise the voices of asylum seeking and undocumented LBTQ people and give space for thoughts, conversation and debate on the right to asylum.

Mentors for youth

As a young LGBTQ individual in a heteronormative society there’s often a fear about what will happen if you come out and are open about your identity. The fear is so big that many youth choose to keep their thoughts or insights a secret to their family and friends.

At HBTQkojan.se youth between 13 and 25 can get a mentor – a dependable LGBTQ adult to talk to.  HBTQkojan.se is a mentorship program that aims to support youth where they are, on their terms. The knowledge about safe spaces and support contacts that youth can turn to to meet new friends and a supportive supportive environment are important parts of the mentorship program.

HBTQkojan.se is financed by Allmänna Arvsfonden until the end of the year. To make sure that the project can continue, another form of financing is therefore needed.

RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation will be raising money during the year in order to keep HBTQkojan.se running. Your contribution is important in order for young LGBTQ people to get a good start in their adult lives and for them to feel safe in their identities.

HBTQkojan is run by RFSL Stockholm but offers support all over the country.


The situation for LGBTQ people in Uganda has received a lot of attention lately. RFSL has cooperated with a number of organisations in Uganda since 2007 in order to support the organisations so that they can develop and get stronger in their work in changing attitudes and legislation.

Members of the different organisations partake in educations in different subjects that the organisations feel they need to improve in, like for example opinion forming, fundraising etc. The project in Uganda is organized in a way that aims to strengthen the movement and increase cooperations between different organisations.

After President Museveni signed the new “Anti-Homosexuality Act” in January this year the situation in Uganda has worsened. The violence has increased and even harassment by the police. Now more than ever the worlds economic and moral support is needed!

Emergency Fund

LGBTQ people and LGBTQ organisations sometimes need emergency help and support. It can be about a person that’s subject to violence, threats and harassment and needs help with travels and accommodation to be able to remove themselves from the most immediately threatening situation or when an organisation needs help paying legal fees.

Regardless of whether it’s about authorities that harass and persecute, or media that outs someone in countries where it poses a threat to their life to be LGBTQ there is seldom time for long bureaucratic processes. We need to be able to offer support immediately. It can be about anything from buying a ticket to travel to offering a safe and sheltered living.

There’s seldom time to start big campaigns in order to get money in these situations and we therefore need your support in building a buffer for emergency efforts. RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation has over the past year helped in supporting vulnerable LGBTQ activists in Uganda.


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