This web-course, in English, gives you who lack previous knowledge a first insight into LGBTQ-issues. The course covers terms, working-environment issues, response, and how norms affect us.

The course mixes pedagogical illustrations with film clips and interactive exercises that give room for reflection. The hope is that knowledge about LGBTQ issues will lead to a greater inclusion; both in the working life in general and in society as a whole.

The course consists of four modules: Norms, LGBTQ-terminology, Laws and human rights and Response. Every module takes about 30 minutes to complete. If you want, you can take the entire course in two hours time, but we recommend that you to do one or at most two modules a day, since reflection is an important part of the course content.

The course is given in English or Swedish.


All parts of the course and all its information is presented in writing, and a narrator’s voice reads most of the texts. Some interactive exercises require you to see the texts, move the mouse across the screen and click. No images will have a narrator’s voice.

It is possible to order a pdf-version that works with a narrator’s voice. It is a totally text-based version of the course.


395 kr per licens (user).

200-499 users gives a 15% discount.

500 users or more gives a 25% discount.


To order the course or receive more information, contact: utbildning@rfsl.se