MHFA – mental health first aid training

RFSL has instructors trained in MHFA. Mental ill-health and suicide rates are higher in the LGBTQI population than in the population in general. RFSL offers mental health first aid training along with a lecture about LGBTQI people's health and living conditions.

The methods taught aren’t aimed exclusively at the group LGBTQI people. Instead, they give the participants the tools to detect mental ill-health, regardless of cause, so that the right kind of help and support can be given. 

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”MHFA stands for Mental Health First Aid Training. It’s a scientifically evaluated international first aid-program for different psychiatric conditions. The aim is to save lives through education about mental illness and suicide. Mental ill-health is the single biggest cause of sick-leave at the workplace. Mental ill-helath is also the dominating cause of suicide or attempted suicide.”

The training suits everybody who is working with people, HR administrators or people in a management position. 


45 000 SEK for two full days.

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