Consultancy services

Do you have needs and requests other than certification, web-courses and courses? We are happy to help you meet your needs.

How we can help you: 

  • create an educational concept 
  • create a plan for active measures  
  • revise your equality plan from an LGBTQI perspective 
  • tutor a work group in the work of implementing your equality plan 
  • support organisational development or process of change 
  • produce method material 
  • create a web-based course 
  • examine facts and/or provide a norm critical examination of texts  

Cost: 1500 SEK/hour

Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss how we best can help you based on your specific needs!

Asylum lawyer

RFSL’s asylum lawyer has worked as public counsel for LGBTQI asylum seekers for many years and is specialised in sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as grounds for asylum. The number of asylum seekers with grounds for asylum related to being LGBTQI has increased during the last years, and the LGBTQI cases are almost always multi-faceted and extensive, and many public counsels find them complicated. The migration authorities’ investigation, trial and assessment of LGBTQI grounds for asylum place high demands on the counsel’s competency and the applicant themselves.

RFSL’s asylum lawyer offers consultations in individual cases. The consultancy includes individual counseling in the asylum case, country information when relevant, and help in establishing contacts with for example RFSL branches and LGBTQI organisations in the client’s home country. The aim is to give the client the best possible pre-conditions to achieve the protection status they are entitled to.


For questions and offer, email