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RFSL has worked for 65 years providing information and educating politicians, policy-makers, and the public. We have much organisational experience, a well-respected reputation, and wide ranging competencies in a variety of areas.

RFSL has actively engaged in educating and informing about LGBTQ lives and experiences, and has played a crucial role in the development of different organisations in Sweden and internationally.

Today, RFSL tailors our courses to fit a wide range of organisations, from a lecture to a whole day of activities. All of our educational work is based on a norm-critical perspective.

Some examples of our training

  • LGBTQ and norms
  • Equal treatment and anti-discrimination grounds
  • LGBTQ and sports
  • Reception
  • Healthcare
  • The health of young LGBTQ people
  • LGBTQ and education
  • LGBTQ and the work environment
  • LGBTQ perspective in recruitment
  • The unions and LGBTQ perspectives
  • LGBTQ and language (SFI, interpretation)

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