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All operations have something to gain by being more inclusive, regardless of if you work in the public or private sector. To carry out an LGBTQ certification is a structured and purposeful way of improving the working environment as well as reception. 

When customers, clients and co-workers feel welcome from the start, a foundation of trust is laid for a continued positive contact.

The key concept for RFSL’s certification is sustainability and long-sightedness. By LGBTQI certifying your operation you get tools to work systematically with equal treatment, reception and human rights.

The focal point of the LGBTQI certification is LGBTQI people’s environment, norms connected to gender and sexuality and what it means to be LGBTQI competent in the meeting with new people. The course covers all grounds of discrimination and investigates how several different norms work together. There’s also a historic perspective of how laws and rights have changed over time in Sweden.

The contents of the course are to an extent tailored to each operation’s special needs.

This is how it works

The certification is led by a trainer from RFSL and spans over about five months. All employees go through the course and are part of the work for change.

During the certification, the operation will form an LGBTQI group that produces an action plan. RFSL’s trainers support the LGBTQI group in the work with investigating opportunities, norms and risks in the operation, and in formulating efforts for a continued work.

The certification process has a clear start and finish, but it builds the foundation for a work that will continue long after the operation has received its certificate.


After a completed LGBTQI certification

  • the employees in the operation should have an increased knowledge about LGBTQI, norms and the consequences of norms on the health and environment of LGBTQI people.
  • the operation should have started a work for change for an open and inclusive working environment, and a welcoming reception of visitors, from an LGBTQI perspective.


  • Introductory and concluding meeting with management, HR, union and the convenor of the LGBTQI group that the operation has formed
  • 4 half-day training sessions with all the operation’s staff
  • 2 workshops with the operation’s LGBTQI group (5-10 people that have been strategically chosen)
  • Guidance in the work of investigating norms and risks in the operation and in producing an action plan for continued work
  • Follow-up of the action plan one year after the certification process’ conclusion
  • Additional choice: If you want the changes brought about by the certification process to be documented, there’s an opportunity to order a written report of the results of the LGBTQI certification.

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