The All-Rights Movement


RFSL launches campaign with Berghs

In response to The Alt-Right Movement, RFSL today launches The All-Rights Movement. This cocky campaign is the result of a collaboration between RFSL and Berghs School of Communication and aims at disarming LGBTQI hostile forces with creative and peaceful means.

– The All-Rights Movement stands for democracy, for the basic principle of people’s equal value where every human being has the right to be themselves, love who they want, and live a life in peace. Through the campaign, RFSL wants to highlight LGBTQI people’s situation and encourage people to take part in the movement against the threat and hatred that LGBTQI people experience, says RFSL’s president Deidre Palacios.

A collaboration with Berghs School of Communications

Stolpe med poster med texten "Bröder förena er"

Brothers, come together! We need you in the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. Support RFSL and others who work for safe and inclusive societies. 


The campaign has been produced as part of a graduation project by students from Berghs School of Communications. The students who have worked with the campaign believe that it can contribute to unite and strengthen the peaceful forces in society that reject homo- and transphobia.

– The All-Rights Movement has been given the aesthetics and rhetoric that for so long have been used against us. By giving new meaning to the slogans – and make them lose momentum – we want to disarm LGBTQI-hostile and racist organisations’ propaganda in a peaceful and innovative way. With this campaign and movement, we want to unite and strengthen all those who reject the hostile ideology that all too often inhabits society, say the students.

The threat from right-wing extremist movements

The family is in danger; Sweden has legislation that discriminates against children who grow up in rainbow families. Help us save the family!

– In a time when right-wing extremist movements are mobilising, trying to scare and spread hatred against us who don’t fit their ideology, RFSL wants to manifest our conviction about something better, says Deidre Palacios.

On 5 August, RFSL released a new documentary that highlights the threat and hatred towards LGBTQI people in Sweden. The documentary, and a new survey focusing on RFSL’s 36 branches around Sweden, shows that LGBTQI activists run a great risk of being exposed to organised threat and hatred from right-wing extremist groups.