RFSL works on an anthology about sexual abuse


RFSL begins working on gathering stories about sexual abuse to make an anthology. Author Maria Niemi will be the editor in this process.

During #metoo there was a flood of stories about sexual abuse from all parts of society. At the same time, stories from the LGBTQI community were conspicuous only by their absence. Sexual abuse, of course, happens within our community as well, for example at parties, during dating, meetings, within organisations, at the workplace and in the home. In light of the prosecution against a former employee at RFSL Stockholm now being commenced, discussions about sexual abuse in our community are now being updated.

RFSL believes that there is too little talk about violence and sexual abuse in LGBTQI contexts generally, and we as an organisation want to build a clear culture of consent and safeguard safe meeting spaces. We have to dare to talk about the difficult things so many of us in the LGBTQI community have experienced. It’s important for RFSL take a stand against abuse and take action by making necessary changes based on different stories and experiences.

RFSL now invites LGBTQI people to share and make their experiences visible. The stories will be used to create an anthology to be published by RFSL. The aim of the anthology is to start conversations and give people a platform to share their stories. Through sharing, listening and learning, we can build a stronger LGBTQI community and a better RFSL. If you want to share your story, you will receive information and support from within and without RFSL, as well as the opportunity to make a whistleblowing report and/or a police report.

Share your story here.

Deadline 15 June 2021

Editor Maria Niemi

Photo: Anna Drvnik

Maria Niemi is a freelancing editor, writer and norm creative communication strategist. Maria has written short stories with an LGBTQI theme in methodological books for pre-school and school and has been the editor of a book about how team sports can contribute to inclusion, work against homophobia and violence. She has also written poetry for a book about belonging to the minority of people from Tornedalen and missing the language