RFSL and RFSL Youth at Almedalsveckan


RFSL and RFSL Youth will be at Almedalsveckan, Sweden’s biggest political forum. During the week, we will hold our own seminars and participate in seminars hosted by others. We will also host meetings and arrange a debate on LGBTQ politics. Below is a brief summary of RFSL and RFSL Youth’s activities and the topics that will be discussed.

Our representatives

The following people will be representing RFSL at Almedalsveckan.

Sandra Ehne, president of RFSL
Deidre Palacios, vice president of RFSL
Saga Karlsson, RFSL’s board
Pell Uno Larsson,RFSL’s board
Andreas Hernebo, RFSL’s board
Linda Moestam, RFSL’s board
Cal Orre, advisor health and HIV prevention at RFSL
Linnea Risinger, organisational developer at RFSL
Katja Sandström, communicator at RFSL

RFSL Ungdom
Frank Berglund, president of RFSL Youth

RFSL:s programme

Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018

  • A conversation with Inclusion Academy about trans- and equality politics.
  • Debate on LGBTQ politics, together with the magazine Syre. Representatives from the major Swedish political parties will be asked about what they want to do for LGBTQ rights after the election in September.
  • Post debate discussion
    A conversation between lgbtq-organisations about the debate. What will the election mean for LGBTQ rights?


Wednesday the 4th of July 2018

  • SHRHR and HIV prevention – forgotten questions?
    RFSL, RFSU and Hiv-Sverige will speak to politicians that can make a difference in Swedish health politics.
  • Panel discussion: The living conditions and rights of intersex people in Sweden.
  • LGBTQ people and the asylum process
  • The far-right movement and the threats towards the LGBTQ movement
  • Gender neutral parental laws
  • Equality and lgbtq in education – RFSL Youth
  • LGBTQI mingle
    A chance to meet with people who are also passionate about LGBTQ rights! Sign up here, no later than the 3rd of July at 22:00.

Thursday the 5th of July 2018

  • Mångfaldsparaden (Diversity Parade) – a manifestation for humanity and democracy, arranged by RFSL Gotland. Contact person: Eric Fugeläng, president of RFSL Gotland, 0702442004, info@gotland.rfsl.se

Other events where RFSL is present

RFSL will be present att events hosted by other organisations. The topics include;

  • The right to decide over ones own body
  • Us and them – why report hate crimes?
  • LGBTQ and honour
  • Swedish development aid
  • Working for diversity


For more information about RFSL and RFSL Youth’s participation in Almedalsveckan, contact Cal Orre at cal.orre@rfsl.se, +46 (0)72-3004077