Information regarding resignation of acting chairman


On April 13, 2018, RFSL’s acting chairman Magnus Kolsjö announced his resignation with immediate effect. The cause to his resignation is that he feels he has been subjected to bullying from parts of the federal board and that the nomination committee proposed some of these persons for next year’s federal board.

RFSL takes very seriously upon these allegations. Diversity and respect are an integral part of our organization and we will investigate whether our core values ​​have been respected. RFSL has ordered an independent third-party review to investigate what has happened and will take actions after receiving recommendations. The mapping, which is scheduled to be completed next week, will be presented shortly thereafter and will give RFSL knowledge on what actions that are needed to be taken in the future.

Acting. Deputy Chairman Deidre Palacios will lead the boards work until the congress of 11-13 May 2018 when a new RFSL federal board is elected.