We Made a Difference in Politics 2015

Yearly Report 2015RFSL

RFSL works with opinion forming in relevant subjects and regularly approach politicians and decision makers.

Some of the issues we work with are LGBTQ individuals’ rights in Sweden and internationally, family politics for all and the health of LGBTQ individuals. A concrete example from recent years is our work to abolish forced sterilization of trans individuals and for sterilized trans individuals to receive damages and a formal apology from the Swedish state.

RFSL is also the consultation body for public enquiries when it comes to issues that specifically affects LGBTQ individuals and in other more general issues.

Warren Kunce med familj








”We are overjoyed that our family finally, after two years of battle, will be legally recognized as the family we are: a family with two dads! This victory has also made us realize how important organisations like RFSL are in the democratic process. We would never have been able to achieve this if RFSL hadn’t contacted us when we needed it and supported us with the help of an amazing counsellor with knowledge of human rights. This truly is democracy in practice.” Warren Kunce, transsexual man who had been registered as the mother of his child by the Swedish Tax Agency, but now is registered as the father.

Highlights 2015

  • In the government statement prime minister said Stefan Löfven that a a national plan against racism and hate crimes will be developed.
  • A governmental survey proposed that trans individuals should be included in the law against persecution.
  • The solicitor Kerstin Burman has won two cases against The Swedish Tax Agency with trans individuals who have been registered as mother to their children, even though they have a male legal gender.
  • A governmental survey proposed that the age limit for changing legal gender should be 15 instead of 18.
  • The government suggested that single women should have access to assisted reproduction within the healthcare service.

Maria Sundin






”It is very satisfying that decisions of changed legal gender is proposed to be moved to the Swedish Tax Agency. That means that we won’t have the arbitrary assessments we have now.” Maria Sundin, longstanding trans activist, about a proposition from a governmental survey that makes the the process of changing legal gender simpler.