Internationally – We Made a Difference 2015

Yearly Report 2015RFSL

RFSL is a well known and respected international actor that works with global advocacy and projects in different countries. Our core values in the international work is meaningful cooperation with rights bearers, equality, non-discrimination, transparency and sustainability.


In Indonesia LGBTQ individuals are often subject to hate crimes and harassment, especially trans women. Many of these crimes are never reported since there is a great lack of knowledge in the police and among prosecutors when it comes to LGBTQ issues. Our partner organisation in Indonesia train legal aid organisations in LGBTQ issues so that LGBTQ individuals will be treated with respect and get the courage to report the crimes they have ben subject to. Local leaders and key individuals within the LGBTQ community are also being trained in legal matters. These “para-legals” will serve as a bridge between LGBTQ individuals and the legal system.

”A result of working with RFSL is that our organisation has developed from not just being present in the larger cities, but also working in the provinces. More people know about us now, trust us and want to work with us.” Ino Van Daanoe, from Indonesia.


The PAL Project aims to strengthen the Ugandan LGBTQ movement in its work for LGBTQ civil rights.

Activism for social change requires sustainable partnerships.

PAL has strengthened the friendship between the organisations and the Ugandan LGBTQ movement. Organisations that otherwise work in a hostile environment have found each other and the project has strengthened the Ugandan movement’s capacity in cooperating with different organisations.

”The cooperation with RFSL has lead to a partnership being formed between LGBTQ organisations, civil society and international allies. The movement can speak with one voice, whereas before it was very fragmented.” Diane Bakuraira, from the organisation FARUG in Uganda.

Leadership Training

Rainbow Leaders

Rainbow Leaders is a part of a global partnership between Sida and its American equivalent USAID, and a number of other international partners.

120 people have participated in Rainbow Leaders.

The overall goal is to support LGBTQ organisations and leaders who work in the global South and East. The project aims at mobilizing and building capacity to strengthen LGBTQ individuals’ rights locally, regionally and internationally.

”It is wonderful to have a network of sisters and brothers all over the world that I can turn to at any time! We give each other advice and support and that is amazing.” Participant from Rainbow Leaders.



RFSL improves the lives of LGBTQ individuals globally by spreading knowledge of international organisations and by affecting global processes within for example the UN, the European Council and the EU. Another important part is supporting the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and take part in expert meetings within the UN.


Kasha receives the right livelihood award

  • Kasha Jaqueline Nabagasera, was appointed, after RFSL’s nomination, the alternative Nobel Prize, Right Livelihood Award.
  • The LGBTQ organisations have gotten a higher capacity and a larger global network through RFSL’s support in Indonesia, Uganda and more countries in Eastern Europe.

Miles Tells

Miles Tanhira

Miles Tanhira, international project member and journalist at RFSL

Can you describe your work?

I create networks between movements all over the world by gathering and sharing information at, our international courses and by participating both locally and internationally.

Why is it important?

Information, communication and networking are the foundations of activism. We live in a global world and when one country gets a cold, another country will start sneezing. Even if the contexts are different, our struggles are linked to each other and influence each other. Sharing information is like building, strengthening and creating sustainable LGBTQ movements.

How do you view the future? 

I want to live in a world where human rights apply to everyone, where diversity is something positive and where we work side by side in peace.