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Yearly Report 2015RFSLPhoto: Eveline Johnsson

In many ways, society is changing so that LGBTQ individuals’ rights are respected. These changes have not happened on their own, but are the result of a long-lasting work by LGBTQ organisations in Sweden and the world.

Knowledge is one of the most important keys in unlocking the obstacles and the resistance that slows this development down.

RFSL Media & Info AB plays an important role in creating and spreading this kind of knowledge. Our strategy is to use what RFSL knows as a starting point, and offer professional and profit driven services.

Many clients see the need for training and certification. We have many competitors and the pressure is on having a professional training operation increases. The operation is now so big that all sale of training programs has been moved to RFSL Media & Info AB.

Our research shows that those who have received our help are very satisfied. During 2015 we have developed our trainings, lowered the cost of them and developed a web based training that will be launched in the beginning of 2016.

Niclas Sandin

Niclas Sandin, president of RFSL Media & Info AB

The Difference We Make

  • LGBTQ individuals’ health is improved.
  • Knowledge is generated.
  • More workplaces work systematically with LGBTQ issues which creates a more inclusive environment and safety for LGBTQ individuals.

Significant Numbers

  • 50 organisations, divided into 102 groups, started an LGBTQ certification.
  • 52 short trainings were held.
  • Trainings were held in 55 cities.

Linn Gulbrandsen Tells

Linn Gulbrandsen

Linn Gulbrandsen, educates and creates a training concept for the healthcare sector.

Why are LGBTQ issues important?

Most of those who work with people wants everybody to be met with competency, good care and equal opportunities in school. Few people would say they treat LGBTQ individuals badly. In spite of this, LGBTQ individuals are met with heteronormativity and structural obstacles.

“Most people want to do right”

Most people want to do right and do it by treating everybody the same way. But that means the risk of making LGBTQ individuals invisible. Violations and even discrimination can occur without you being aware of that what you do causes harm.

Rights issues are simply a matter of knowledge, and to become competent you need training. Staff needs the opportunity to discuss their own norms. The training from RFSL provides facts, knowledge and tools, but also guidance in the discussions and processes that need to take place at the workplace in order for change to happen.

What difference does education make?

What is essential for some is often good for everybody. But for LGBTQ individuals raised awareness in society means more inclusive rooms, better living conditions and better health.

What do you wish from the future?

That the LGBTQ certification will not be needed!

What our Clients Think

Camilla Stenfelt

”We have formed a workgroup that works with LGBTQ issues on many levels. We have sorted though our physical environment, worked through all of our documents, forms, policies, patient information and our homepage with the LGBTQ perspective in mind.” Camilla Stenfelt, operational manager, Fertilitetscentrum Stockholm.

Thomas Larsen

”We have made an inventory of our physical and psychosocial environment. We don’t have separate bathrooms anymore, we are careful about what information reaches our visitors and we try to signal that we work actively with diversity. When you seek employment with us you no longer have to check man or woman on the form, there is a third alternative. We meet regularly and have conversational lunches where we discuss LGBT related things. It can be movies or newspaper articles that are analysed. That’s how we keep the issues alive.” Thomas Larsen, operational manager for Daglig Verksamhet LSS in Eslöv.


”We at Bosgårdens pedagogic unit want everyone who come in contact with us, children, care givers, co-workers to be treated equally and respectfully. In the pedagogic environment all staff at the pre-schools have viewed all the materials such as toys, children’s literature and images. We have bought books that reflect different types of families and people with different gender expressions, and bought playing material that reflects a multi-cultural perspective and materials that show that people have different backgrounds.” Bosgårdens pedagogic unit, Mölndals stad.

Ewa Melin Larsson

”Apart from an increased knowledge of LGBTQ issues we have discovered the norm critical thinking. Making visible and critically view norms in our society. We don’t say hey boys/girls, but hey youngsters. We don’t ask if theyr’e seeing a boy/girl, if we don’t know, but ask how their love life is going.” Ewa Melin Larsson, operational manager, Ungzon Huddinge municipality.


All organisations benefit from becoming more inclusive, whether in the public or private sector.

When customers or clients feel welcome and included, it builds a foundation of trust.

RFSL’s Certification course focuses on LGBTQ people’s experiences and the norms in our society. It also addresses different grounds of discrimination from an intersectional perspective – how different discriminatory power structures work together. We also highlight how laws affecting LGBTQ people and their rights have changed over time.

The Certification will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

”Great lecturers and pedagogues. Jätteduktiga föreläsare och pedagoger. Make concrete the discussion questions and other issues within the subject.” Participant Enköpings lasarett

This is how it works

The certification is lead by two educators from RFSL. When, where and how the training takes place is planned together with the client. Certifieringen leds av två utbildare från RFSL.

The certification is split into a number of sessions, often half-days, and takes about 16 hours in total. At four sessions a small work group lead by RFSL will meet, where key individuals in the target organisation receive tools to keep working after the training is finished.

When the organisation is certified it is evaluated, and RFSL offers support and help during three years.

”You always challenge with follow-up questions that make me think one step further.” Participant from Bosgårdens pre-school


RFSL has actively engaged in educating and informing about LGBTQ lives and experiences, and has played a crucial role in the development of different organisations in Sweden and internationally.

Today, RFSL tailors our courses to fit a wide range of organisations, from a lecture to a whole day of activities. All of our educational work is based on a norm-critical perspective.

Examples of themes

  • LGBTQ and norms
  • Equality work and grounds for discrimination
  • LGBTQ and sports
  • Treatment
  • Health and healthcare
  • Young LGBTQ individual’s health
  • LGBTQ and school
  • LGBTQ and the working environment
  • LGBTQ perspective on recruitment
  • The union and LGBTQ
  • LGBTQ & language (SFI, interpretation)

RFSL Media & Info AB continued the work of building a professional, sustainable and commercial enterprise and used a reference group for the LGBTQ certifications. RFSL Örebro, RFSL Stockholm, RFSL Ungdom, Förbundsstyrelsen and an official from Göteborg are part of the reference group.

With the feedback from clients and co-workers we started a modernization of of the content of the LGBTQ certification. The work started with creation of the content of the LGBTQ certification. The content came to be tailored to different working areas and the clients’ needs and wishes.

A web based training was developed, it gives a good foundation and is geared towards people who have not previously worked with LGBTQ issues, equal treatment and norms.