Health and HIV – We Made a Difference 2015

Yearly Report 2015RFSL

RFSL works with health and HIV. At a project level we work with HIV testing, sexual education, disability issues, alcohol and drugs. Politically we run information campaigns and trainings for professionals.

 Significant Numbers

  • 1380 men who have sex med men have talked to Sexperterna Chatt about sex, safer sex, HIV and STDs.
  • 28 266 people have seen five films about living with undetectable viral loads.
  • 564 test were made at Testpoint.
  • RFSL’s Crime Victim Support has given personal support to 200 LGBTQ individuals.
  • 78 % of Testpoint’s visitors are men who have sex med men. Half of them are born outside Sweden and more than half are newly arrived.

Person som lever med smittfri hivHighlights

  • Through Funkisprojektet organisations have been given LGBTQ knowledge in relation to norm breaking functionality.
  • Trans and sex, the first brochure was published.
  • Newly arrived from many countries have gotten educations in sex, safer sex and HIV.
  • The campaign on undetectable viral loads changed attitudes surrounding HIV and reduced the stigma of living with HIV.
  • People who had never gotten tested found out their status through Testpoint.

”I have learned a lot about safer sex that I will practice with my partner.” Newcomers workshop participant.

Funkisprojektet utbildar


Funkisprojektet creates better conditions for LGBTQ individuals with an experience of a norm breaking disability. Disability organisations, LSS staff and people who live in group homes and/or work at daily activities meet in a cooperation.

Christine Bylund

Christine Bylund Tells

Christine Bylund, method developer STIL – personal assistance and political advocacy

What have you done for RFSL?

I have lectured about norms on functionality and the similarities between the LGBTQ struggle and the disability struggle.


Because many LGBTQ individuals have a norm breaking disability. That is why RFSL and RFSL’s work has to be available for everybody. As disabled and LGBTQ you should be able to feel at home in and represented by the organisation.

I hope it can make the organisation available for more people.

How was it, training RFSL?

Wonderful! Everybody seemed interested and happy.


Many trans individuals and men who have sex med men don’t know their HIV status and don’t get tested regularly. That is why RFSL offers HIV testing with quick at places around the country.

”The staff had time to discuss and listen, I could be honest without feeling judged.” Visitor at Testpoint

Crime Victim Support

RFSL’s Crime Victim Support is the most experienced in Sweden with 200 support seeking LGBTQ individuals per year. The Support offers individual counselling and follow along support to meetings and authorities. RFSL’s Crime Victim Support also runs a sheltered living and acts as a knowledge center for other actors in the field.