Prioritized Areas 2016-2018

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Here you get a summary of RFSL's prioritized areas 2016-2018.

Fingeravtryck i regnbågsfärger

LGBTQ people’s human rights

RFSL wants to increase the work for, among other things, LGBTQ people’s right to asylum and opportunity to live in the country of their choice. RFSL’s international contacts and cooperations will be intensified. LGBTQ people’s rights must be secured and cannot be taken for granted.

Tvillingar i ettårsåldern som leker på ett golv med fyra föräldrar i bakgrunden

Family policy for everyone

There should never be any unreasonable obstacles in legislation or practices that make it impossible for LGBTQ people to start a family in the way they want or live securely in the families they have chosen. Children can never be a right, but children have a right to their families and parents. That is why the family code needs to be reviewed, to update it to a modern family representation and ensure the security of today’s families.


LGBTQ people’s right to health

The right to the best possible health should extend to everyone. Sweden’s public health policy must be developed and improved with a clear LGBTQ perspective and the work around mental health and suicide prevention intensified. Sports associations, non-profit organisations and religious groups need, like society in general, to be open for LGBTQ people.

man hands patterned as the rainbow flag forming a heart, symbolizing gay love

Increased fundraising

To strengthen RFSL’s work and independence RFSL will prioritize development and strengthening of the fundraising work with the help of RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation. RFSL needs to strengthen non-earmarked money to secure our work and decrease vulnerability.