The Nominating Committee Presents its Suggestions

RFSL’s Congress 2016RFSLPhoto: Mathilda Piehl

Today RFSL's nominating committee presents its suggestion for a new Association Board of Trustees. Frida Sandegård is nominated as the new president, and Magnus Kolsjö as new vice president.

Frida Sandegård, who is nominated to take over after Ulrika Westerlund as president, is 34 years old and lives in Stockholm. She has a substantial experience in working with LGBTQ-individuals’ rights, sexual education and masculinity issues. Frida has worked at RFSL Ungdom, RFSU Stockholm, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

– I have RFSL to thank for being able to live like I do. I sometimes take the liberty of taking my rights for granted. But it’s not long before I remind myself of that there are many who have fought hard for the rights that LGBTQ-individuals have today. A member organisation like RFSL is organic and dynamic and evolves constantly because of diversity. Together we learn from each other, we strengthen each other’s perspectives by listening, sharing and finding new untested possibilities to challenge the norms that limit, exclude and isolate to be able to live free and safe.

As president, Frida wants to increase the knowledge in trans issues and strengthen trans care. She also wants Sweden to be a safe haven for asylum seekers.

­– I want many things and there are many good proposals for the Congress to take action on. To mention two thing I want to strengthen trans care. We shouldn’t have the waiting times we have today. And I want Sweden to be a safe haven for asylum-seeking LGBTQ-individuals. We need to increase the LGBTQ competency among counsels and interpreters and there is need for more LGBTQ living spaces for asylum seekers.

Frida also wants to see to it that RFSL continues to be a broad, relevant and stable member organisation.

– Together with the rest of the organisation I want to strengthen all RFSL’s parts. RFSL should continue to be a broad, relevant and stable member association. It should be easy and fun and rewarding to get involved in RFSL. RFSL should be the natural actor that the newly arrived, the older relative or authority should turn to for support and information in questions of fact. I believe that RFSL saves lives by providing knowledge, safe spaces and support. We shall continue to do that, and I look forward to being part of all that important work.

According to the nominating committee, Frida has what it takes to lead RFSL, both politically and organisationally.

The nominating committee nominates Magnus Kolsjö, 43 years old, Järfälla. Magnus has been on the Association Board of Trustees for two years. He works as a researcher at the Union for civil servants, and has previously worked at the Parliament and the Government Offices of Sweden as a political advisor for the Christian democrats.

Magnus is passionate about freedom.

– If I were to articulate what I am most passionate about, it’s freedom. Freedom to be who you are. Freedom to make your own life choices. Freedom from unjust structures and oppressing norms. For me freedom also means solidarity and community. If we don’t have solidarity and cannot be part of a community it is hard to be free. Solidarity and community are fundamental aspects of freedom.

Asylum and migration issues are also important for Magnus.

– The work with asylum and migration issues will be very important for many years to come. Both because many LGBTQ-individuals are forced to flee from their native countries, but also because the hardening of the tone in the migration debate greatly can affect society’s tolerance for diversity. It is also important to improve our work on communication and advocacy and see how we can better support our branches around the country

According to the nominating committee, Magnus has a good knowledge of political advocacy and strategy, but is also knowledgeable in how RFSL as an organisation works and the challenges it faces.

The nominating committee’s nominations for an Association Board of Trustees

President: Frida Sandegård, Stockholm (newly appointed)

Vice president: Magnus Kolsjö, Järfälla (newly appointed for position, re-elected for the Board)

Treasurer: Niclas Sandin, Norrtälje (newly appointed)


Christopher Aqurette, Malmö (newly appointed)

Anna Galin, Umeå (re-elected)

Johanna Grant Axén, Stockholm (newly appointed, re-elected for the Board)

Preethi Huczkowski, Sundsvall (newly appointed)

Suzann Larsdotter, Stockholm (newly appointed)

Deidre Palacios, Stockholm (newly appointed)

Andreas Saleskog, Karlshamn (newly appointed)

Mire Åsell, Stockholm (newly appointed for position, re-elected for the Board)

Christopher Waldekrantz, Stockholm (newly appointed)


Cihan Arikan, Malmö (newly appointed)

Oscar Undevall, Borås (newly appointed)

Sam Vidén, Olofström (newly appointed)