Congress Information

The preparations for RFSL's congress 2016 are well under way. Here you can find important information for RFSL's branches, among other things the program, registration, number of representatives and travel routines for RFSL's congress 2016. The congress will be held at Scandic Triangeln in Malmö May 6-8.


One of many news is that this year’s congress will commence with lectures and other events before the congress is opened with an opening ceremony at four pm. On Friday night, the city of Malmö will host a welcome dinner at Rådhusets representationsvåning.

Friday: registering and check-in opens at 12.00, 13.30 lectures and congress

Saturday: 08.30 – 18.00 (with following congress dinner and evening activities)

Sunday: 09.00 – 15.00.

All times during the weekend are preliminary and a detailed schedule will be provided later.

For exhibitors

RFSL’s congress has close to 200 visitors during the weekend and reaches far out into the LGBTQ-activism in Sweden. Would you like to be seen or exhibit at our congress in Malmö? Contact for more information.

For RFSL’s branches

Registering of representative should be made no later than March 31 mars. Register all representatives and observers through this form no later than March 31 (in Swedish).

Observe that membership is required for registration and that it is the branch’s yearly meeting that appoints representatives for congress (or delegates the decision to the board). A change of representatives can be made without charge. If the representative reports absence later than April 15 without a valid doctor’s testimonial, the branch will be charged as if the representative had taken part in the congress.

Cost for representative

To increase the number of participating branches one representative per branch will be able to attend at no cost. The congress fee for every additional participant is 800 SEK. The fee is lower than at the last congress and heavily subsidized as it includes accomodations in a double room, participation in the congress, all meals and activities in the program. Should you want a single room there is an extra cost of 500 SEK per night. Let us know about your preferences when you sign up.

Cost for observers and members

The congress fee for observers from branches and participating members is 2500 SEK. The fee is subsidized and includes living accomodations in a double room, participating in the congress and all meals and activities included in the congress program. Should you want a single room there is an extra cost of 500 SEK per night. Let us know about your preferences when you sign up.

Living accomodations

The congress is held at Scandic triangeln and all participants in the congress who require living accomodations are offered both double and single rooms. Should you want a single room there is an extra cost of 500 SEK per night.Let us know about your preferences when you sign up.

Travel and the travel fund

Travels to congress will be arranged by the branches and the travel fund applies to the congress participants to even out travel costs between different branches. That means that 200SEK will be deposited in the travel fund for each participant. Travel costs of more than 1000 SEK will be reimbursed with money from the travel fund. To receive the payment, the travel should have been arranged in the cheapest way possible, otherwise only part of the cost will be reimbursed. Make sure to book your ticket well in advance!

Economical support to participants from the travel fund

In order for all branches to be able to participate at the congress, those who cannot pay for their participation can apply for economical support from the travel fund. Contact for more information.

Congress representatives

Every branch can participate with a number of participants that are decided by the amount of members the branch had on 31 December 2015 and according to the information below:

Up to 199 members: 2 congress representatives

Between 200 and 399 members: 3 congress representatives

Between 400 and 599 members: 4 congress representatives

Between 600 and 799 members: 5 congress representatives

For every extra 200 members, the branches have the right to appoint an extra representative.

Distribution of representatives for this year’s congress (pdf, 44k, new window, in Swedish).

More informaion

Invitation to the congress (pdf, 186 k, new window, in Swedish). Observe that the fees on the invitation are adjusted, the correct fees are those listed above.

Do you have questions about the congress? Are you or your branch interested in exhibiting at the congress? Do you have good examples from your branch that you want to share? Contact:

A warm welcome to RFSL’s congress 2016!