RFSL Has a New Association Board of Trustees

RFSL’s Congress 2016RFSLPhoto: Sophie Gunnarsson

RFSL's congress has elected a new Association Board of Trustees with Frida Sandegård as new President and Magnus Kolsjö new vice President.

The afternoon included one of the most exciting moments of the congress – the election of a new board. The election was marked by the fact that there were a number of candidates apart from those suggested by the Nominating Committee; from Göteborg, Malmö and Borås. Apart from the Nominating Committee’s suggestionsKaj Heino from Göteborg ran for the important position as President and vice President of RFSL.

Frida Sandegård

The congress however elected, with overwhelming majority, the Nominating Committee’s suggestion Frida Sandegård as new President of RFSL. In her election speech she talked about what RFSL is to her:

– RFSL to me is saving lives, saving lives and saving lives. The social vulnerability is so apparent that pride flags are being burnt. But we will increase in numbers, we will strengthen each other and we are going to work for sustainability.


Magnus Kolsjö, also suggested by the Nominating Committee and newly elected vice President, said in his election speech that he wants to work for an RFSL that is stronger together and is marked by joy. He was obviously taken after the votes had been counted.

The rest of the board was mostly elected based on the Nominating Committee’s suggestions but with some new names.

New Association Board of Trustees

President: Frida Sandegård, Stockholm (newly elected)

Vice President: Magnus Kolsjö, Järfälla (newly elected for post, re-elected for the Board)

Treasurer: Niclas Sandin, Norrtälje (re-elected)


Anna Galin, Umeå (re-elected)

Johanna Grant Axén, Stockholm (newly elected, reelected for the Board)

Preethi Huczkowski, Sundsvall (newly elected)

Suzann Larsdotter, Stockholm (newly elected)

Deidre Palacios, Stockholm (re-elcted)

Andreas Saleskog, Karlshamn (newly elected)

Mire Åsell, Stockholm (newly elected, re-elected for the Board)

Nicklas Axelsson, Göteborg (newly elected)

Cihan Arikan, Malmö (newly elected)


Oscar Undevall, Borås (newly elected)

Sam Vidén, Olofström (newly elected)

Andi Jonsson, Malmö (newly elected)