Personal Presentation of Suggested Board

The nominating committee's suggestions for a new Association Board of Trustees for RFSL 2016-2018.


Frida Sandegård

Photographer: Anna Åberg


Frida is 34 years old and lives voluntarily childless with her partner and dog south of Stockholm. Frida works as a project leader at the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF).

Frida has worked as an educator on the gender binary norm, ideals of masculinity and sexual education for the past 11 years for RFSL Ungdom and MUCF. Apart from that Frida has worked for RFSU, Rädda Barnen and a number of different cultural institutions. Frida has handled local organizing, been a staff manager and handled budget work. Frida has also written method materials and reports both for authorities non-profit actors on trans issues, the conditions of young LGBTQ-individuals and norm criticism.

On the Association Board of Trustees Frida wants to work with issues that deal with strengthening the health of LGBTQ-individuals and increased knowledge about LGBTQ-individuals’ living conditions. Frida also wants to make sure that RFSL continues to be a current member organisation and a stable political actor. Frida feels that RFSL should have a natural role in a broad movement against fascism and racism. Frida wants RFSL to continue to run a professional educational unit so that every workplace, health facility and sporting event has a LGBTQ competent approach. Another important focus, according to Frida, is to shorten the wait time in trans care. Frida also wants to work for safer processes for asylum seekers, both through competency boosting for counsels and interpreters and through more safe living spaces for LGBTQ-individuals.

Frida is nominated as president (newly appointed)


Kolsjö Magnus

Photographer: Malin Hansson


Magnus is 44 years old and engaged to Simon, whom he lives with in Kallhäll north of Stockholm. Magnus has been on the Association Board of Trustees for two years. The coming years he wants to work with RFSL’s advocacy work, international issues, issues regarding asylum and migration, the support of RFSL’s branches and improve the possibilities of LGBTQ-individuals being active in sports, non-profit organisations and religious groups. Today Magnus works as an investigator Fackförbundet ST and has previously worked at the Parliament and the Finance Ministry for Kristdemokraterna, and has also been vice divisional president for Kristdemokraterna, Stockholms län.

Magnus is nominated as vice president (newly appointed)


Niclas Sandin


Niclas Sandin lives in the countryside outside Norrtälje, where he is president of RFSL Roslagen. He has experience from working in both in the business sector, non-profit sector and authorities. During the last mandate he has been RFSL’s treasurer and president of RFSL’s educational unit and fundraising foundation. On the Association Board of Trustees Niclas wants to work mainly with strengthening the organisation’s finances.

Niclas is nominated as treasurer (re-election)


Anna Galin

Photographer: Anna Galin


Anna, 35, lives in Umeå and works as a project manager at a PR-firm, mostly with norm critical communication. Anna has previously been on the Association Board of Trustees and has focused on internal democratic issues (like by-laws, newspaper distribution and activism in sparsely populated areas) family issues and education and research issues. During the coming mandate, Anna wants to get involved in the organisation’s internal democracy, like communication, structure, an RFSL that is there for the whole country, and for a broader inclusion. She also looks forward to the political work, with family politics and issues pertaining to the university.

Anna is nominated as member (re-election)


Deidre Palacios


Deidre is 34 and lives in Stockholm. Deidre has been on the Association Board of Trustees during the last mandate and has worked mainly with anti-racism and anti-discrimination. Deidre has also been responsible for creating RFSL’s anti-racist action plan. She is also engaged in Interfem, where she is vice president in Stockholm.

On the Association Board of Trustees Deidre wants to work with political advocacy; observe the governments work, write comments on official reports, arrange debates in Parliament, co-operate with political parties and organisations in specific issues, work with press and media, strengthen RFSL’s brand – in other words follow the political development in issues that RFSL advocates and issues to do with LGBTQ-individuals. Deidre also wants to work with personnel issues and RFSL’s internal work.

Deidre is nominated as member (re-election)


Mire Åsell

Foto: Anette Nantell


Emelie Mire Åsell is 26, lives in Stockholm and has “hen” as a personal pronoun. Mire has long been active in both in RFSL Ungdom, among other things as president, and in RFSL. Mire has been on the Association Board of Trustees since 2011, first as a youth representative and then as commissioner. During these years Mire has worked with a lot of issues, but most recently with trans and intersex political issues. Mire is interested in political advocacy and wants to continue working with RFSL’s lobbying. Thing that make Mire happy are activism, norm criticism, singing with others and playing roller derby.

Mire is nominated as member (newly appointed at post, re-elected for the Association Board of Trustees)


Johanna Grand Axèn


Johanna Grant Axén has been the president of RFSL Stockholm and is experienced in strategic and political work. Johanna brings to the Association Board of Trustees her political interest, her previous experience of being on a board, working with norm criticism, inclusion and strategy. Johanna wants RFSL to become a more inclusive organisation whilst retaining its position as a strong political actor. Issues that are near to her heart are international work and migration political issues.

Johanna is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Preethi Huczkowski


Preethi Huczkowsky, 36, is a hard working chef living in a village outside Sundsvall with his wife and two daughters. Preethi identifies as homosexual transgender and has been an active member in RFSL Östersund and Sundsvall since the late 1990’s, both as commissioner, treasurer and vice president. Preethi has been involved in starting Club Alexis in Sundsvall, Yran Pride and Sundsvall Pride. Apart from that Preethi has worked with local advocacy through his RFSL branch.

Preethi is passionate about making sparsely populated areas in general and Norrland in particular an LGBTQ-friendly region to live in and visit. On the Association Board of Trustees Preethi wants to support the local branches and also work with recruiting members. Preethi is also interested in family politics.

Preethi is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Christopher Aqurette


Christopher is a married homosexual cis-man with a BDSM interest that lives Malmö. Christopher has been active in RFSL off and on since 1991, and has been president of RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne for three years, where he was earlier employed as information officer. On the Association Board of Trustees Christopher wants to work with issues such as decentralisation within RFSL, human rights in the world and health for the LGBTQ-population. Christopher believes that it is important for RFSL that local and regional initiatives are encouraged so that the organisation is not seen as irrelevant outside of Stockholm.

Christopher is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Andreas Saleskog


Andreas is a 33-year-old resident of Karlsham. He is a restaurant teacher who now mainly works with school development and politics. He has a substantial experience of organisational work and board work from Svenska Kyrkans Unga, Arbetarrörelsen and other organisations. Anderas also has leadership skills and knowledge in opinion forming that he wants to put to use within RFSL. On the Association Board of Trustees Andreas wants to work for a stronger RFSL and a more open society through, among other things, opinion forming in relevant LGBTQ-issues.

Andreas is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Christopher Waldekrantz


Christopher Waldekrantz has over 10 years of experience in the communications business. He has been an art director, creative leader and a teacher. In his spare time he and some friends run a popular pod called Bögministeriet. On the Association Board of Trustees Christopher wants to help RFSL with solutions regarding communicative challenges. He also hopes to work with issues such as lobbying, recruitment and relationship building for existing members.

Christopher is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Suzann Larsdotter


Suzann Larsdotter is 48 years old and born in Mora. She herself thinks she has studied a bit too much for her own good. Suzann is a certified social worker and has worked in the social sector for 20 years. She has experience in working with addiction and violence in intimate relationships and thought for a while that she wanted to be a minister. She has a theological education and was active in the church for ten years. She then became a certified sexologist. Suzann has worked at RFSL’s national office for seven years, mainly working with issues such as HIV and health and as project leader for two big projects. Today, Suzann works as a specialist at RFSU’s national office. She loves culture and lives in Skarpnäck with her wife.

Suzann is nominated as member (newly appointed)


Sam Vidén


Sam is a 27-year-old trans-guy from Olofström, Blekinge. He works at Volvo Personvagnar after having worked in psychiatry for a long period of time. Sam has experience from different boards, both in SSU, where he was president, and from being active in the union. On the Association Board of Trustees Sam wants to work with trans issues and a better care that is equal throughout the country. Because of his own experiences with trans care, Sam believes that he can contribute with important experiences and perspectives.

Sam is nominated as substitute (newly appointed)


Cihan Arikan


Cihan Arikan, 28, moved to Malmö from Turkey for years ago. Cihan is involved in RFSL Malmö where he is on the board, and also in Newcomers work in Malmö. On the Association Board of Trustees Cihan wants to work with issues that have to do with an increased political and cultural engagement of LGBTQ-individuals in society, international issues, migration politics with focus on LGBTQ-individuals, anti-racism and an increased intersectional co-operation within civil society. Cihan also wants RFSL to create a bigger norm critical and anti-racist solidarity network both in Sweden and internationally.

Cihan is nominated as substitute (newly appointed)


Oscar Undevall


Oscar Undevall is 23 and lives in Borås. He works as a salesman Tele2. Oscar has been active in the scouts, Ung vänster and local anti-racist networks in Marks and Borås. Today Oscar is active in RFSL Ungdom sydväst and RFSL Borås and also works on arranging Borås’ first Pride festival.

On the Association Board of Trustees Oscar wants to establish a network between different branches, and wants to make visible the work that is done on the Association Board of Trustees so that more information reaches the branches. With his knowledge in networking and activism, Oscar wants to help the branches find common issues to work on in order to create a positive advocacy work. Oscar views himself as a good representative for RFSL that can visit the branches and contribute with good energy and dedication in order to make the branches grow.

Oscar is nominated as substitute (newly appointed)

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