Kaj Heino – Independent Candidate for President

Apart from the Nominating Committees' suggestions, the congress has another candidate for the post of President. Kaj Heino from Göteborg.

Kaj Heino

I’m a 44 year old Finland-Swedish submissive masochist cis leather gay man who lives in Göteborg. I was born and grew up in the Åbo archipelago in Finland. I have worked with minority and rights issues for 30 years; at first party politically and student politicially and later sexual politically within SETA and RFSL, and now most recently with human rights issues within Göteborgs rättighetscenter (GRC) and Sveriges Antidiskrimineringsbyråer (SADB).

I have a solid experience of commissions of trust within associations, the university and the municipalities. I have been President of a scoout district for six years, President for Vasa SETA for five years, vice President of SETA for two years, President of SLM Göteborg for four years, and President of RFSL Göteborg for six years. I was a member of the Association Board of Trustees and worked with bdsm issues, anti-racism & diversity, education and member recruitment. I have worked as a restaurant manager for six summers and have have been responsible for employment at both RFSL Göteborg and GRC.

At the moment I work extra at a restaurant. At RFSL Göteborg I am active as test staff at Checkpoint. I am a secretary at SLM Göteborg and an alternate on the board at GRC and SADB.

As President of RFSL, I want to strengthen the popular movement. RFSL’s legitimacy lies in us being an organisation with branches of, for and with LGBTQ individuals. If we loose contact with the grass roots we lose our identity and strength. We need to strengthen our organisation as much from within and invest as much in internal education and competence strengthening as we do externally. As President I want to create a climate in the Association Board of Trustees where work and power is distributed throughout the whole board – together we are stronger.

I want to make RFSL into an accessible, feminist and anti-racist popular movement.