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In these earth-shattering times, some people are more vulnerable than others. At the same time, RFSL has been greatly affected by the financial consequences of Covid-19.

LGBTQI people in Sweden and around the world are affected by Covid-19 and many are worried.

Vital social meeting places are closed down and Pride festivals all over Sweden are being canceled or postponed. The financial situation is especially troublesome for vulnerable groups such as LGBTQI people, who often already struggle in the labor market.

People who have come to Sweden as LGBTQI refugees have had their lives put on hold because of canceled asylum investigations, regulations against social gatherings, and a lack of relief efforts. Access to healthcare is limited and gender-affirming surgery is being postponed.

Older LGBTQI people with a limited social network are especially vulnerable. They may not have children or other family members to do their shopping or care for them. This increases the risk of loneliness and isolation, while many youths, and adults, are forced to isolate themselves with family members who might not be supportive of them or understand them.

In times of isolation and worry, the work of organisations such as RFSL is even more important. The challenges we are facing must to be met with a sense of community, organisation, and solidarity.

As LGBTQI people we have learned that we work best when we work together, and now we need your help.  

RFSL has been greatly affected by the financial consequences of Covid-19.

We are at a very crucial point.

Currently, your involvement is key in order for us to be able to carry on running our vital operations.

Use Swish to make a contribution to 123 900 40 86 or become a monthly donor. You can also make a larger donation to RFSL’s 90-account 900408-6 

History proves that united we are strong, now is the time to stick together!

Thank you for being a part of RFSL and our cause!