Congress and General Assembly

The Congress is RFSL's highest decision-making body, with representatives from all of the organisation's branches, including RFSL Ungdom, the youth organisation. The General Assembly takes place every second year, when RFSL does not hold a Congress.


During the Congress, participants have the opportunity to debate submitted motions and vote on the national association’s Board’s propositions, but also engage in more social activities, like the big Congress party. The Congress also makes statements on current political issues.

All information on upcoming/previous Congresses can be found here, at RFSL’s website. The most recent Congress is listed first.

General Assembly

The General Assembly takes place every other year, when RFSL does not hold a Congress. It is an organisational forum for in-depth current and relevant political discussions and is not a decision-making platform.

The General Assembly is held as a result of the decision at RFSL’s Congress in 2007, that the association should have a two year term of office. The General Assembly aims to create a political forum where members can meet during the year that RFSL does not have a Congress. Although it is not a decision-making body, it can provide an advisory role in facilitating discussions on difficult or challenging political issues facing RFSL.