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Organisations that take responsibility

Since 2008 RFSL has certified more than 300 organisations all over Sweden. By educating norm criticism and focusing on LGBTQ people’s situation, we want to create a more inclusive working life.

RFSL’s international work

RFSL’s international unit works with addressing LGBTQ people’s rights all over the world. Together with the partner organisations we work with influencing big international organisations to guard LGBTQ people’s rights in all instances.

Hiv prevention – an area in change

Since the 1980s RFSL has worked actively with securing equal health for LGBTQ people. HIV prevention has been a corner stone in the organisation since then. In spite of big successes we see a continued need to prevent spreading and to counteract discrimination and stigma.

The congress 2016

165 congress delegates, association board of trustees’ members, staff and members met in Malmö for three days of discussions, elections and decisions during RFSL’s congress in May 2016.

RFSL’s organisation

RFSL’s organisation consists of three parts that all work towards the same goal – a world of diversity and respect.